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Golden Age of Travel

Join us on-board, for an exceptional voyage of vintage excellence.

Whether it’s our luxurious Pullman Dining experience, boasting an enticing blend of opulence, Champagne, outstanding fine dining, and wine; First Class, for an added touch of comfort and sophistication; or Premium Standard, where bygone simplicity and congeniality meet.

Whichever class you choose, you can rest assured that our attentive stewards will provide exceptional service while you take in the breathtaking British landscapes gently passing your window.


Journey types

Be whisked back to a time when luxury and indulgence were the order of the day. Whether you prefer afternoon tea, luncheons, or sunset dining, we aim to exceed our guests' expectations as we journey through awe-inspiring countryside, delivering the perfect luxury vintage rail experience.

Half day journeys

The perfect alternative to longer days out, our round-trip tours offer the same exquisite dining and exacting standards as our daytrips.


Full day journeys

Our day trips are the ideal full-day adventure. Our destinations include some Britain’s most loved national treasures, ancient Cathedral cities, maritime favourites, Celtic adventures, and medieval wonders.


Multi day journeys

Our holidays, perfectly combine the nostalgia of steam travel with beautiful vintage carriages, breath-taking scenery, fascinating destinations, the best of food and wine and luxury hotels.



Evoke the grand days of train travel, when railway journeys were about comfort and indulgence, as well as reaching a destination.

Travel back to the golden age of steam…

Our carriages evoke the ambiance of luxury hotels, featuring polished wood panelling, period details, brass fixtures, and sumptuous seating with striking liveries inspired by the classic railway colours and motifs. Plush armchair seating is arranged around smartly dressed tables. Attentive stewards and our signature attention to detail ensure that you only need to sit back and take in the captivating scenery sweeping past.

Pullman Dining

Our luxurious dining carriages are the epitome of elegance. Sumptuous armchair seating, exquisite meals, elegant surroundings, and the rhythmic melody of the rails merge to create an unparalleled fine dining experience.

Tables adorned with crisp white linen, fine china, polished silverware, glassware, and fresh flowers, set the scene for a tantalising repast. Devoted stewards treat guests like royalty ensuring a seamless and highly memorable journey.


Classes of travel

Be whisked away in unforgettable style aboard our beautifully restored vintage carriages to some of the UK’s top destinations.

Pullman Dining

An elaborate fine dining experience that takes guests on a gastronomic adventure as the menu unfolds through a sequence of thoughtfully curated dishes, each meticulously prepared and presented, complemented by the sumptuous surroundings and indulgent ambiance.


Exquisite experience

Impeccable cuisine and opulent surroundings seamlessly blend to craft an unforgettable dining experience. Relax as you peruse the days tantalizing menu from your plush seat. You can count on us to surpass your every dining expectation, ensuring every meal is nothing short of exceptional.


Flawless service

On a typical day trip, attentive stewards will serve you a welcome Bellini cocktail followed by a splendid breakfast and mid-morning pastries with freshly brewed coffee and tea. On the homeward journey, you’ll be served Champagne and canapés, as the enticing aromas of the evening’s repast fill your carriage. Followed by the assorted courses of the evening’s dining, thoughtfully served by your steward.


First Class

Settle into your seat, unwind, and savour the ever-changing backdrop whilst you luxuriate in the journey within the comfortable confines of your First Class carriage.


Relax in First Class comfort

Our First Class carriages are designed to provide ultimate comfort, featuring cushioned seats arranged around tables of four and two. Relax and enjoy the ever-changing scenery through the large picture window while your steward attends to you, offering a selection of tea and coffee. Bring a picnic along to enjoy on-board or visit the bar for some nibbles and refreshments.

Visit the Bar and Buffet Car

Our Buffet Car exudes old-world glamour, with its wood panelling, beautiful lines, marquetry, large picture windows and convivial atmosphere. You’ll find Champagne, a selection of wine and beer, spirits, cold beverages, and enticing snacks on-hand for purchase..

Premium Standard

Whether you’re a train enthusiast or simply looking for a distinctive way to travel, a journey in a Premium Standard carriage pulled by a classic steam engine is a memorable and enjoyable experience. It’s an opportunity to step back in time and savour the beauty of train travel in a way that can’t be replicated in modern times.


A day to remember

When traveling in Premium Standard you’re embarking on a unforgettable adventure. Reserved table seating, and buffet service add to the overall comfort and enjoyment of your journey, making it a perfect choice for a cherished day out with loved ones. Tantalising possibilities await those who seek some refreshments from our Buffet Bar and guests are invited to enjoy their own picnic on-board.

Buffet Car

A comforting selection of confectionery and snacks, paired with an assortment of hot and soft drinks, Champagne, spirits and beers, offer an abundance of choice for guests purchasing from the bar.


Curated journeys

Marvel at nature’s canvas as we glide past ethereal landscapes, rolling valleys, bonny heaths, glistening lakes, breathtaking wildflower meadows and splendid sunsets. Wander in the footsteps of ancient Britain. Discover grand castles, steeples, and spires, and inspiring stately homes & gardens. Experience a thrilling day at the races or an invigorating seaside jaunt. A journey with us provides the perfect opportunity to slow down and be transported back to the golden days of luxury rail travel.

A day at the races

This an ideal opportunity to relish an authentically vintage day out in style. Experience the opulence of Britain’s Motor Racing’s golden era at Goodwood Revival, a famously immersive tribute to legendary automobiles and period fashion.

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A day to cherish

Trace the footsteps of history, marvel at grand historic homes, explore splendidly landscaped gardens and estates, continue your steam-powered escapade, or indulge in a delightful culinary experience.

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To dine for

A tantalising collection of fine dining and gourmand pleasures await you. Whether you prefer afternoon tea, luncheons, or a full day of dining, we aim to exceed guests' expectations as we traverse the rails across some of the most breathtaking countryside be found anywhere in the world.

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Pure Escapism

Experience a private enclave of exclusivity and decadence. Join fellow ‘bons viveur’ for an unforgettable epicurean adventure of Champagne and culinary delights in our exclusive new Pullman Dining Class; The Helicon Club featuring The Hippocrene Bar.

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Spires & steeples

The spires, steeples, castles, and ancient cities of Britain are a journey back in time through a tapestry of captivating stories and architectural marvels. Each corner of Britain reveals layers of history waiting to be uncovered for those with a passion for timeless tales.

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