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  • Norwich /
  • Thetford /
  • Ely /
  • Peterborough

Our trip to the Settle & Carlisle Railway is one of the most beautiful rail journeys you can take in the UK. This stunning 73 mile route crosses the remote scenic regions of the Yorkshire Dales and the North Pennines with their far reaching views and undulating countryside. Combine this with impeccable on board service and culinary delights to match and you have the perfect day out.

We begin our journey in Norwich, hauled by vintage diesel as we make our way through Norfolk and Cambridgeshire to Peterborough. Here we cut across the breadth of the UK to join the West Coast Main Line before heading to Crewe where our steam locomotive joins us for the journey north through Cumbria, Blackburn and onwards to the Yorkshire Dales before reaching the stunning world-famous Settle & Carlisle Railway. With its dramatic views and impressive architecture, including the Ribblehead Viaduct, you will create memories to treasure for a long time to come. We say goodbye to our steam locomotive and begin our journey home hauled by vintage diesel.



Once in the ancient city, which dates back to Roman times, there is much to see and do. Highlights include the magnificent castle founded in 1092 and nearby citadel built by Henry VIII, as well as the beautiful cathedral with its famous 14th Century stained glass window.

For art lovers, there is no better place to begin exploring the city’s fascinating past than the award winning Tullie House Museum and Art Gallery. The classical Grade One Listed Jacobean building is full of exciting exhibits and interactive displays.


Classes of travel

Pullman Dining

FROM £410

A sumptuous culinary experience amidst opulent surroundings, where guests can relax in plush, spacious armchair seating arranged around splendidly dressed tables of two and four. Attentive service adds an ambiance of old-world charm and sophistication, transporting you to a world of nostalgia and comfort.

On a full day journey, guests will be welcomed on board with our signature Champagne cocktail, followed by a multicourse breakfast. On the return journey, wine is served alongside a seasonal ‘carte de jour’, concluding with cheese board, coffee and petit fours.

First Class

FROM £205

First Class offers guests an unparalleled journey into the past aboard elegantly restored carriages with comfortable and spacious seating around tables of two and four.

A sanctuary for those seeking a refined and leisurely journey without dining-on-board, First Class guests are welcomed on board with Bucks Fizz and freshly brewed coffee and tea. You can sink into your seat as scenic vistas unfold beyond the windows or toast your journey in our beautifully restored Buffet Car with its polished marquetry, large picture windows and convivial atmosphere.

Premium Standard

FROM £175

Premium Standard offers a nostalgic and authentic journey onboard a beautifully restored carriage that embodies the charm of a bygone era, with its classic decor and comfortable seating around tables for four.

Passengers can enjoy the sights and sounds of steam travel and the camaraderie of fellow travellers, whilst enjoying complimentary tea and coffee. Passengers are invited to treat themselves at our Buffer Car where they will find a selection of hot and cold snacks and a selection of wine, beer, spirits, and cold drinks available for purchase.


Boarding Stations

The following pick-up and set-down stations are available on this journey

Norwich 06.30 00.15
Thetford 07.15 23.40
Ely 07.40 23.15
Peterborough 08.20 22.40


The following destinations stations are available on this journey

Carlisle 16.40 18.30

All timings shown above are approximate and may be subject to change.

Scheduled locomotive



34046 Braunton is a West Country Class express passenger engine designed by Oliver Bulleid which alongside the Battle of Britain Class locomotives, that shared the same design, were collectively known as ‘Bulleid Light Pacifics’.

The locomotives of the West Country Class were so named after towns on or near the Southern Railway system in the west of England, with the town of Braunton situated in North Devon.

In the post war years of skills shortages and declining maintenance standards, British Railways embarked on a rebuilding programme of the ‘Light Pacifics’ in an attempt to improve reliability. In 1959 the air-smoothed casing and the internal chain drive were removed. By 1965 after accumulating 779,210 miles in service, Braunton was retired from service and sold to Barry Scrapyard. By 1988 the locomotive had moved from Barry but serious restoration did not begin until 1996 and was completed by 2008.

Over the winter of 2011 the locomotive was fitted with all the modern equipment to allow it to be used on the mainline railway network. Although restricted to 75mph, Braunton is capable of speeds in excess of 100mph.

Whilst this locomotive is rostered for the steam hauled sections of the trip listed, it cannot be guaranteed and may be substituted for a different engine.

Whilst this locomotive is rostered for the steam hauled sections of the trip listed, it cannot be guaranteed and may be substituted for a different engine.