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  • Leigh-on-Sea /
  • Barking

This unique tour offers a fascinating adventure across country as we traverse England by steam, travelling past a rich tapestry of intertwined rivers, canals and fields to visit the historic city of Chester where modern life is inextricably linked with its past. The city’s Tudor-and-Victorian heart is justifiably famous as one of Britain’s prettiest town centres.

Our journey begins at Southend Central railway station, as our liveried steward welcomes you aboard the sumptuous vintage carriages. Our train will stop at stations across Essex to pick up passengers before skirting London, where our steam locomotive joins us. From here, our locomotive takes us on an express run along the West Coast Main Line, through the suburbs and out into Warwickshire and Staffordshire. We pass through beautiful countryside as the railway traverses more rural parts before arriving in the lovely city of Chester. After a wonderful break we meet back at the arrival station and will welcome you back on board for our homeward journey by vintage diesel.



Chester’s Tudor-and-Victorian heart is justifiably recognised as one of Britain’s most handsome town centres. This collection of black-and-white timber-framed beauties and red-sandstone buildings surrounded by an original set of Roman-era walls is one of the northwest’s biggest attractions.

The original walls of this historic gem were built by the Romans and offer a two mile walkway around the city, interrupted by ancient towers and gates in the form of imposing stone arches. Chester boasts the most complete city walls, the oldest racecourse, and a 1000 year old Cathedral with Europe’s finest example of medieval carvings. Chester’s other draw is the unique 700 year old Rows, a series of two-level galleried arcades offering an array of independent shops and boutiques.


Classes of travel

Pullman Dining

FROM £410

A sumptuous culinary experience amidst opulent surroundings, where guests can relax in plush, spacious armchair seating arranged around splendidly dressed tables of two and four. Attentive service adds an ambiance of old-world charm and sophistication, transporting you to a world of nostalgia and comfort.

On a full day journey, guests will be welcomed on board with our signature Champagne cocktail, followed by a multicourse breakfast. On the return journey, wine is served alongside a seasonal ‘carte de jour’, concluding with cheese board, coffee and petit fours.

First Class

FROM £205

First Class offers guests an unparalleled journey into the past aboard elegantly restored carriages with comfortable and spacious seating around tables of two and four.

A sanctuary for those seeking a refined and leisurely journey without dining-on-board, First Class guests are welcomed on board with Bucks Fizz and freshly brewed coffee and tea. You can sink into your seat as scenic vistas unfold beyond the windows or toast your journey in our beautifully restored Buffet Car with its polished marquetry, large picture windows and convivial atmosphere.

Premium Standard

FROM £175

Premium Standard offers a nostalgic and authentic journey onboard a beautifully restored carriage that embodies the charm of a bygone era, with its classic decor and comfortable seating around tables for four.

Passengers can enjoy the sights and sounds of steam travel and the camaraderie of fellow travellers, whilst enjoying complimentary tea and coffee. Passengers are invited to treat themselves at our Buffer Car where they will find a selection of hot and cold snacks and a selection of wine, beer, spirits, and cold drinks available for purchase.


Boarding Stations

The following pick-up and set-down stations are available on this journey

Southend Central 06.55 22.50
Leigh-on-Sea 07.05 22.40
Barking 07.55 22.00


The following destinations stations are available on this journey

Chester 14.00 17.00

All timings shown above are approximate and may be subject to change.

Scheduled locomotive

Royal Scot


Royal Scot was built in 1927 for the fastest trains on the London Midland & Scottish Railway.

46100 Royal Scot was the first in a new breed of steam locomotives, built by the LMS for their fastest passenger services from London to Birmingham, Manchester and Glasgow.

She was chosen to appear on behalf of Britain at the 1933 ‘Century of Progress’ exhibition in Chicago, USA. The locomotive as well as a full rake of carriages were shipped to the United States and appeared not only at the exhibition, but also toured the USA and Canada, even crossing the Rocky Mountains!

Royal Scot was rebuilt by British Railways in 1950 and went on to serve another 12 years in traffic on the West Coast Main Line.

Royal Scot briefly returned to steam at Bressingham Steam Museum from 1972 to 1978 before spending almost the next 30 years as a static exhibit. She briefly steamed in 2009 before it was discovered that a major overhaul was required.

Royal Scot returned to steam at the Severn Valley Railway in September 2015. She made her successful main line debut on December 22 and 23 of the same year with test runs from Crewe to Carnforth and return.

Whilst this locomotive is rostered for the steam hauled sections of the trip listed, it cannot be guaranteed and may be substituted for a different engine.